Illumino Service S.r.l. rents to both companies and individuals all types of products related to technical lighting for performances: from small lighting consoles to large-scale, modern digital consoles; small 300 watt floodlights to 5000 watt Fresnels; and motorized moving lights and LED color-changers. In addition, it also provides everything required for the lighting systems to function, such as extension cords, accessories, switchboards, power boxes, silenced electrical generators, aluminum frames of all sizes and capacity, stage trussing and rigging, and cable conduits.
For video projection, video walls, giant screens, LED walls and film-TV shooting, it can also make available an extensive network of partners and suppliers with which it works on a regular basis to guarantee quality, reliability and professionalism at a reasonable price.

Almost all our products may be rented taking advantage of a special long-term rental rate—the longer the rental period, the more you save.
To calculate long-term rental costs, take the total sum of the item (individual price of each item times the number of these items required) and multiply by the square root of the number of rental days.

For example: 5 day rental of a followspot that costs €25.82 per day:
€25.82 x 2.5 (square root of 5) = €64.55

Naturally, this mode of calculation cannot be extended indefinitely. It has a maximum duration of 90 days, following which the additional days are calculated from scratch.

For example: 120 day rental (90 + 30) of a spotlight that costs €25.82 per day:
€25.82 x 9.49 (square root of 90) = €245.03 + € 25.82 x 5.48 (square root of 30) = €141.49
Total €386.52 (€245.03 + €141.49)

For some items, such as consoles and moving lights, other rental terms are applicable, such as flat daily or weekly rates. The rental system utilized is clearly indicated on our price lists which can be downloaded in Excel or PDF format.